A work of this magnitude requires an enormously committed support system. The Tony Evans Bible Commentary (and its companion The Tony Evans Study Bible) has been years in the making. It is for this reason I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who enabled this project to reach its completion.

First of all, I want to thank the B&H Publishing family for their hard work. This includes Trevin Wax who oversaw the publishing of this work. I am also grateful for the investment of time and energy given by the managing editor, Chris Cowan, with whom I spent countless hours critiquing, constructing, and reviewing the content of my exposition of every paragraph of God’s Holy Word. Thanks also to B&H’s editorial and production team, including J. D. Green, Lloyd Mullens, Garry Fulton, Dustin Curtis, and Bethany McShurley for the wonderful and professional way they put this project together.

A special thanks goes to my good friend Phil Rawley for his hard work and tremendous contribution with regard to certain elements of content. Thanks also go to Jeff Godby and 2k/denmark for their design and typesetting expertise.

I am also very grateful to my longtime executive assistant, Mrs. Sylvia Stewart, for the endless time and effort she put into keeping up with all the administrative duties connected with this project amidst all her other responsibilities. Finally, my appreciation goes to Mrs. Heather Hair, who helped to strategize, organize, and manage all the moving parts of this work during this multi-year process in an efficient and excellent way.