RBT 14 Results!

RBT 14 has ended, with an amazing accuracy of 77%, making it the easiest quiz on record, but only with an attendance of 15 people. Taylor was the champion, tying both the score and questions correct records (set by Katherine H and Anonymoss, respectively), getting 23 questions correct with a score of 18740!! Congratulations to Taylor! 2nd place was nc with a score of  17940 and 22 questions correct! 3rd place was Grace with a score of 17290 and 22 questions correct. Honorable mention goes to Boba, who also got 22 questions and tied the second highest questions correct record along with nc and Grace! Check out the full results in the spreadsheet: RBT 14

Do you enjoy these quizzes? Invite some friends, siblings, or parents to join in the fun!

Several new records were set, so go check the updated Geek Stats page!

Also, if you would like to contribute questions, please contact me!

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