RBT 16 Results!

RBT 16 has ended, and had an accuracy of 46%, making it the hardest quiz ever! It also had an attendance of 35 people. Danika won for the 1st time, getting 20 questions correct with a score of 16710!! 2nd place was Rwatson823 with a score of 13620 and 16 questions correct! 3rd place was Joyce with a score of 13600 and 17 questions correct. Check out the full results in the spreadsheet: RBT 16

Do you enjoy these quizzes? Invite some friends, siblings, or parents to join in the fun!

Several new records were set, so go check the updated Geek Stats page!

Also, if you would like to contribute questions, please contact me!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This quiz is not affiliated in any way with the Shelby Kennedy Foundation or the National Bible Bee, and it is purely intended for the enjoyment of its participants in accord with the rules!

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