Random Bible Trivia 33! (feat. Josiah A.)

Welcome to Random Bible Trivia 33! (feat. Josiah A.) The rules are as follows: Do not take the test multiple times (this may result in disqualification), or tell others about any of the questions on the test (including siblings, parents, and friends, as well as people online), until after they take it, or use the Bible or online resources to figure out the answer to any given question(s). (If there is anything suspect, for any reason, the person(s) may be disqualified). You may not use more than 30 seconds per question (As this will result in automatic disqualification). Also, it is advised that you take the test in a place where others who will take the test will not see the questions on the test, thus risking their disqualification as well as your own! Also, by taking this test, you consent to having your information (game name and score) published.

To join the quiz, click on the following link: quizizz.com/join?gc=201255. The quiz expires on Monday, March 2, 2020, at 12:00 AM CST. Many thanks to Josiah A. who contributed to this quiz. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This quiz is not affiliated in any way with the Shelby Kennedy Foundation or the National Bible Bee, and it is purely intended for the enjoyment of its participants in accord with the rules!