Frequently Asked Questions

What is Random Bible Trivia?

Random Bible Trivia (RBT) is a weekly, 25 question Bible quiz that runs from the beginning of December through the end of May each year.

How do you study for the quiz?

There is no practical way to study for the Random Bible Trivia, as it is random questions, though all questions are from the Bible.

How do you participate? Is there any cost?

There is no cost to enter, it is free! You can participate by visiting the website anytime between Fridays at 3:00 PM Central Time and Sunday at 11:59 PM, and clicking on the latest quiz.

Is there a set schedule for Random Bible Trivia?

Yes, there is! And you can find it right here.

Do you have any other questions?

You can contact me at randombibletrivia@gmail.com