Can a Person Who Practices Homosexuality Be a Christian?

When we're called upon to make judgments like that as believers, we have to take a stance of humility, recognizing that each one of us has failures; we have our own depravity within. We're never saying that we sit better or higher or more righteous than anyone before God.

But then, we also have to recognize that God has set standards in His word for how to approach Him, and also the behavior that we have as we walk with Him, live before Him. It seems in scripture that two important things are said. One, is that God has a standard for how we honor Him with our bodies, and there would be things that would be off-limits as God has prescribed, where a single believer, we would not be involved in sexual relationships with anyone; that's just a standard that God has set. If we are married believers, we keep our marriage bed pure and undefiled. The Book of Hebrews would tell us, and this runs all throughout scripture, "adultery will be forbidden," fornication as we call it, or now they just say playing around or affair, it would be forbidden. But also, it would appear that homosexuality is in that list.

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